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Did you know that to maximize performance and energy efficiency of your boiler equipment and cooling, it is recommended to clean your air Ducts at least once every three years.

A Commercial Duct Cleaning can effectively address many factors related to inadequate ventilation. In addition to requiring regular maintenance systems, the accumulation of dust can cause a remarkable loss of heat, clogged filters, reducing the mechanical performance of the device and reduce its life due to overheating of the machine.

In addition, cleaning your commercial lines greatly improves the quality of the air you breathe occupants. A good cleaning of ventilation Ducts will remove contaminants such as dust, allergens components, bacteria, germs, molds, bacteria and more.Our method Perfected brush inside the vents and sucks simultaneously to avoid leakage of dust in your premises.

Your air ducts can accumulate germs, bacteria and dust that are harmful to health. We can eliminate these intruders with a generous portion of our antibacterial formula in your air ducts, while we improve the quality of air in your home; our antibacterial solution is not harmful to humans and animals.


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